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Eyebrow Styling Kit

  • Includes 3 different shades of color, tweezers, and a double sided spoolie brush and angled brush tip and mirror
  • Our Eyebrow Styling Kit is going to give you that supermodel brow look that everyone wants
  • This kit allows for grooming, tweezing, shaping, tinting, and creating that fluffy feathered brow
  • Perfect for any thickness of brow and beautiful for all

Defining, Shaping and Filling Eyebrows. This is an all-in-one eyebrow kit for flawless eyebrows. Contains a tinted wax and duo pigmented powder. Includes a double ended applicator, angled tip and spoolie brush as well as tweezers. The soft, tinted wax shapes eyebrows perfectly. Ultra-fine silky powders create defined, natural looking eyebrows.

How to use:

  1. Remove any excess hair with the tweezers.
  2. Apply the shaping tinted wax with the angled brush applicator to define and shape brows.
  3. Using the angled tip of the applicator to apply the setting powder filling in the gaps.
  4. Use the spoolie brush top of the applicator to comb and shape eyebrows to create a natural finished look.

Two shades of powder can be used separately or together to create the desired color.

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